About the Connection Coalition

The Connection Coalition is a multi-sector partnership designed to ensure the physical distancing imposed as a result of Covid-19 doesn’t create a crisis of disconnection, enforced social isolation and loneliness.

Our nation and communities face an intensification of existing social and emotional crises including loneliness, mental health and bereavement. We believe that meaningful social connection is key to overcoming these challenges.  Strong reciprocal relationships build solidarity, belonging and the belief that we have more in common than that which divides us. 

Drawing on the work of the Jo Cox Loneliness Commission, The Jo Cox Foundation has come together with Mind, Facebook, Age UK, DCMS, Nesta and other expert organisations to address these issues.  Together we are convening this cross-sector coalition to coordinate and amplify efforts to reinforce meaningful connections. In doing so, we will mitigate the impact of isolation on social and emotional wellbeing throughout the Covid-19 and beyond.

Rooted in the action, expertise and inspiration of our coalition members, we will drive a message of hope by sharing positive stories of social connection, to inspire people to build and maintain strong reciprocal social relationships.

The impact we seek is two-fold:

  1. Immediate. By bringing together and coordinating those building social connections during a time of physical distancing, we can catalyse collaborative efforts to build strong connections and meaningful relationships.
  2. Longer-term. We are going to be living in a different kind of country after the crisis is over. We can build a better future for everyone by building strong relationships and connected communities now.

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  • Iona Lawrence