Community Makes Us

Connection Coalition is focussing on ways people have been coming together to do little things with a massive impact, during the coronavirus crisis. 

Right now when so much of our lives are off-limits, the small ways we can connect with each other mean more than ever. 

More of us are remembering to look out for each other, to take care of one another, to be there for one another. We see that people are trying new things and developing different habits and that this is a chance to really change the way we see each other, the places we live and how we each fit in. 

It's a chance to to build stronger, kinder better-connected communities. It's a change we need, not just now, in the worst of times, but always. 

Let's remember that we are the ones that make our community. And our community makes us.


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We've put together a campaign toolkit to help Connection Coalition members get involved with Community Makes Us.

The idea is for you, our Coalition members, to share the contents of this toolkit across your websites, social media channels and email newsletters to encourage your supporters and beneficiaries to join in with the campaign.

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Community Makes Us Toolkit




The Community Makes Us Manifesto


As individuals, we’re all doing our best in the current strange situation.

Sometimes we feel afraid. Sometimes we’re alone. Sometimes we want nothing more than for this whole thing to end.

But sometimes we’re doing okay. Sometimes we’re doing small things, like checking in on an older neighbour. Sometimes we’re doing things that are a little bigger, like joining a local group to protect the most vulnerable around us. And sometimes we’re all coming together as one, like when we stand on our balconies and proudly clap for our carers.

What we’re now realising, however we’re coping, is that we’re all in this together. We are a community, from next door to national. And that these small acts of good will can snowball, growing bigger and bigger until an untold number of people are affected.

We’re learning that everyone has value. That every little connection helps. That doing good for someone else means there’s more of a chance that someone else will be inspired, and do good for you. That the daisy chain of kindness is growing unbreakably strong.

Once this is all over, we can’t forget that. We have to remember going above and beyond, and make sure that’s just the new normal. We have to remember to look out for each other, to take care of one another, and make sure we’re all doing ok.

And we can do that, as long as we remember that we make community. And that community makes us.

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