Events and opportunities

Monthly get togethers

We’ll be continuing our monthly informal get togethers. These informal events are a chance to share a cuppa and a chat with other Connection Coalition members who are working in some way on tackling loneliness and building better connected communities, and who might be facing similar challenges to you and who definitely have interesting things to share! We will give you a space to share what you have to offer and what challenges you are facing, and then put you in breakout rooms to connect and share with other members. We give you the opportunity to share contact details with each other so you can follow up the conversations you start. The dates for the next event is:

Thursday 28th April, 2-3pm

Thursday 26th May, 2-3pm

Thursday 30th June, 2-3pm

Register in advance to receive the link for this meetings and add it to your calendar.

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Youth loneliness network

The Jo Cox Foundation has been successful in securing funding from the Innox Foundation for a 12 month project (July 2021 - July 2022) to bring together Connection Coalition members who are working on youth loneliness or want to deepen their understanding and capacity to tackle youth loneliness. We know that there are members in the network who have relevant expertise and experience, from grassroots organisations to national organisations, and in consultations earlier in 2021 youth loneliness was one topic which members wanted to come together around. The project aims to harness the expertise and collective power of Connection Coalition members to reduce loneliness among young people across the UK. Members will come together to learn from one another, develop expertise in youth loneliness and advocate for changes to reduce loneliness among young people.

Find out more about the network, the work so far and upcoming events here.

Community of practice

In August and September 2021, our community of practice for Connection Coalition membersfocused on how we can continue to put relationships and connections at the heart of our work. Members will receive updates in the newsletter including about future groups if we run it again.

For more information on any of this activity contact [email protected].