Grief and Bereavement Resources

For so many of us, the support we get from friends and family when someone we love dies is crucial for us to be able to endure and process what has happened. 

The chance to say goodbye, whether it's in the last hours or days of our loved one's life or through a ceremony such as a funeral can also be fundamental to our acceptance and understanding of the loss we have suffered.

Yet, thousands of family will experience traumatic bereavements during the coronavirus crisis and are having to do so alone. This will have a huge impact on the health and wellbeing of our selves, our communities and our wider society for years to come if we do find ways to connect with each other during physical distancing. 

Our network of businesses and community organisations has a wealth of resources to help you support your clients, service users, beneficiaries and wider communities with their grief and bereavement. 

We have also developed some new resources which address the COVID-19 crisis specifically.  

Grief and Bereavement Webinar

During Dying Awareness Week on 11-17 May 2020 the Connection Coalition got together with some experts on grief and bereavement to discuss the challenges communities are facing during the COVID-19 crisis. They shared practical advice and information on grieving in isolation, alternatives to in-person funerals and the steps we will need to take in years to come to recover as a society. 

Watch the webinar here.

What to say to someone who is grieving

The Connection Coalition has worked to bring together advice and resources from some of our members to help you, your teams and beneficiaries discuss grief and bereavement. Download the first resources here:

  1. What to say to someone who is grieving (PDF)
  2. Ways to cope with grief and anxiety (PDF)

Image of written support resource Image of support resource

This Too Shall Pass

This Too Shall Pass is an essay from Collective Psychology that is intended as a meditation on collective grieving, which argues that in conditions of such widespread loss as the ones we now face, it’s essential that we grieve well – and that this means doing so collectively, not just on our own. Download the essay (PDF)

Coronavirus: dealing with bereavement and grief:

Cruse offer a huge amount of information specific to circumstances many people are dealing with right now. Take a look here

It includes:

  • grieving in isolation
  • coping as a frontline responder
  • what to say to someone is grieving
  • guilt, anger and blame
  • the additional trauma of losing someone during physical distancing and coronavirus
  • feeling your grief is not a priority.

Cruse also offers a free helpline and email support.

Winston's Wish

Information on supporting children of all ages with grieving and bereavement, which you can access here

Topics include issues specific to physical distancing and COVID-19 including:

  • saying goodbye when a funeral isn't possible
  • how to talk to children about coronavirus
  • ways to manage anxiety about coronavirus
  • grieving in isolation


Winston's Wish also runs a free helpline, which offers support on phone, email, messenger and online chat.

Talking death blog

A blog run by Poppy's Funerals that encourages open discussion of death and dying and shares ideas, practical advice and stories from the frontline. Read more here. 

Dying Matters

A campaign to encourage people to discuss death and dying. Offers practical support and advice on grief and bereavement. Take a look at their information here. 

Hospice UK

Information for hospice and palliative care professionals. View their resources here


One of our founding members offers information on bereavement and how it can be triggered by many types of loss including a big change, loss of a job or the end of a relationship. Read more here



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