Grief and Bereavement Webinar

During Dying Matters Week on 11-17 May 2020, the Connection Coalition got together with some of our expert members on grief and bereavement to discuss the challenges communities are facing during the COVID-19 crisis.

They shared practical advice and information on grieving in isolation, alternatives to in-person funerals and the steps we will need to take in years to come to recover as a society. 


Some snippets from the webinar for if you're short on time or if you'd like to share some of the insights on social media. 

Full Webinar

The full webinar with all 5 speakers. 

Skip ahead:

00:00: Intro with Iona Lawrence, Connection Coalition

Setting the scene

00:26 Alex Evans and Ivor Williams, Authors of This Too Shall Pass (a report on collective loss during COVID-19)

Meeting individual and collective needs

12:18 Andy Langford, Clinical Director of Cruse Bereavement Care
27:34 Suzie Philipps, Head of Clinical Governance, Winston's Wish, a charity supporting children with grief
39:55 CEO and Founder of Poppy's Funerals

National Action

54:30 Toby Scott, Head of Communications and Campaigns, Hospice UK and Dying Matters

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