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Connection Coalition: Youth Loneliness Panel

The Connection Coalition: Youth Loneliness Panel, held on 16th December 2021, was held aiming to increase our understanding on the issue of youth loneliness. We shared some of the latest research and heard from various local projects, to help us better understand the barriers that community organisers face when tackling the issue of youth loneliness, so that we might address them in the future. 

We heard from the following as part of the plenary discussions:

  • Andy Mortimer, Head of Communications, The Co-op Foundation
  • Su Moore, CEO, The Jo Cox Foundation
  • Mohammed Hanif, Trustee, Advancement of Community Empowerment CIC
  • Naomi Lea, Founder, Project Hope
  • Marianne Quinn, Senior PR and Comms Officer, The Jo Cox Foundation 
  • Jean Inglis, Volunteer Glasgow
  • Kevin Franks, CEO, Youth Focus North East 
  • Charlotte Hill, Tackling Loneliness Team, DCMS

In addition to the speakers we had over 30 participants from a wide range of organisations and backgrounds, including young people and representatives from local projects like 
The Wolfpack Project and The Big Red Bus Club, Local Authorities including Warwickshire County Counciland national organisations including The Reading Agency and the Campaign to End Loneliness.

Watch the recoding of this event here.

Breaking Barriers Innovations - Social Isolation and Loneliness Webinar

The Connection Coalition and Breaking Barriers Innovations came together for a virtual webinar titled 'A Little More Conversation, A Little More Action: Joining Up our Approach to Social Isolation and Loneliness Around Community and Place." Exploring three key themes:

  • Prioritisation: Making loneliness everyone’s business. What is the cost of doing nothing?
  • Prevention: Learning from the lockdown. How can we put prevention at the heart of the agenda?
  • Inspiration: Thinking beyond our current constraints. How can we leverage community assets and technology

Watch the webinar here.

Grief and Bereavement Webinar

During Dying Awareness Week on 11-17 May 2020 the Connection Coalition got together with some experts on grief and bereavement to discuss the challenges communities are facing during the COVID-19 crisis. They shared practical advice and information on grieving in isolation, alternatives to in-person funerals and the steps we will need to take in years to come to recover as a society. 

Watch the webinar here.

Loneliness Webinar

On Thursday 4th June members of the Connection Coalition came together to share experience and expertise on tackling loneliness, in particular the specific challenges communities are facing during COVID-19. 

They shared findings on who is at particular risk, how best to develop interventions that support people and what plans in the future government and third sector organisation have to push for change in the way people are (or are not) supported.

Watch the webinar here. 

Age UK 

One of our founding members Age UK offers information on loneliness for older people. Read more here


Another of our founding members Mind also has information on loneliness. Take a look here.

British Red Cross

British Red Cross also helped found the Connection Coalition. They run services for people experiencing loneliness in some areas of the UK. Use your postcode to search here

British Red Cross has also set up a free coronavirus support line for people who are feeling lonely or isolated, or finding it hard to cope during these uncertain times. Red Cross volunteers from the psychosocial and mental health team are on-hand to provide both practical and emotional support, and connect people with additional support in their local area. The support line telephone number is 0808 196 3651 and it’s open daily from 10am to 6pm.  The service is free, and completely confidential.

Campaign to End Loneliness

The Campaign to End Loneliness believe that people of all ages need connections that matter. We’ve been experts in the field of loneliness and connection since 2011. We share research, evidence and knowledge with thousands of other organisations and the public to make a difference to older people’s lives. Find out more about our online resources.


Thomas Letourneur shares this story about how he stays connected with his grandmother using Famileo’s family newspaper. Read all about it here.

Befriending Networks

Befriending Networks have a whole range of new online resources around Covid-19, including advice on DBS/PVG checks and funding as well as template forms, guidance, tips and volunteer handbooks. The resource which people may find the most useful are the 6 new FREE online training videos for anyone who needs to 'fast track' interim or temporary telephone befriending volunteers. The resources can be downloaded by any organisation who can use them to train their volunteers. Full information is on the Befriending Networks website.


WaveLength has worked with the University of York to look at how technology helps fight loneliness and the positive impact it can have.

Everyday technology fighting loneliness, released June 2019

InCommon Buddies

Intergenerational relations are uniquely powerful. InCommon have launched InCommon Buddies, providing resources for children aged 7 - 11 and their families to use with older friends and relatives over the phone or video - it’s a way for families to connect virtually with their older relatives at an isolating time. Take a look and share here


“The pandemic has helped us all to reach out and connect with one another in a different, but very meaningful and valuable, way.” - Frolo (a combination of the words ‘friend’ and ‘solo’) is a first-of-its-kind app and community for single parents. Here’s how Frolo has acted to help the community during this time.


Sparko is a user-friendly solution that enables people to stay connected with their families, friends and local communities through the TV. COVID-19 has brought  the “digital divide” into greater focus - particularly how many older people have lost out through little access to information and connectivity through video calls and online services. Sparko can help with this including in any second wave, as well as general connectivity and isolation-reduction services. Find out more at sparko.tv  

Loneliness Awareness Week - Loneliness Toolkit

Understanding loneliness one conversation at a time: A brief guide to loneliness and tips on connecting, co-produced by Marmalade Trust and The Great Get Together. Read it here.

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