Youth loneliness network

The Jo Cox Foundation has been successful in securing some funding from the Innox Foundation for a 12 month project (July 2021 - July 2022) to bring together Connection Coalition members who are working on youth loneliness or want to deepen their understanding and capacity to tackle youth loneliness. We know that there are members in the network who have relevant expertise and experience, from grassroots organisations to national organisations, and in consultations earlier in 2021 youth loneliness was one topic which members wanted to come together around. The project aims to harness the expertise and collective power of Connection Coalition members to reduce loneliness among young people across the UK. Members will come together to learn from one another, develop expertise in youth loneliness and advocate for changes to reduce loneliness among young people.

Work so far

Dec 2021: Panel event, video and notes available. On 16th December 2021, we held our first event for members to find out about national campaigns seeking to tackle the issue and how to get involved, speak to other Connection Coalition members and share what else they'd like to see on this topic. The video of this webinar is available here, and the notes from the breakout discussions and key themes is available here.

March 2022: Workshop exploring engaging and involving young people in the conversation. The event was not recorded but we will have notes online soon (March 2022).

Upcoming opportunities

The next convening for this network will be on Wednesday 11th May, 3 - 4:30pm. Following through on the feedback from attendees of previous sessions, this will be a 'matchmaking' collaboration event, where we hope to facilitate connections and collaborations on projects and ideas around youth loneliness. If you would like to share an idea, a challenge or work with others on this topic - come along. If you would like to present your work or have other ideas on this topic to share, please contact [email protected].

Register here for Wednesday 11th May.

We also intend to convene around the themes of the language of youth loneliness and supporting young people at times of transition, as identified at the December event (more info here). If you would like to discuss these topics and how you might contribute to the conversation, please contact [email protected]


Coming soon (March 2022)